Simple License Option

 Simple License Photographer

East Kilbride Photographer Commercial Simple License Option

  1. You may reproduce the image in any and all media for all purposes other than the prohibited uses specified, below.
  2. This is a perpetual license that never expires.

Prohibited Uses

  1. The image may not be used to create prints for sale - including (but not limited to) standard prints, framed prints, canvas prints, metal prints and acrylic prints.
  2. The image may not be transferred, sub-licensed or offered for sale as a standalone or batch of files on any website or other medium.
  3. The licensee may not falsely represent that he/she is the original creator or copyright holder of the image.


How much does a simple license cost ?

How much have you been charged for commercial photography on your previous projects ?

Maybe this is your first time looking for professional photography services. Then before you read any further on this page, I suggest that you open a new window on your device and search for "uk commercial photography rates" This may help you to understand the difference of this type of license that I am offering.

  1. The licence agreement that I am offering is the same for one image or all images from a photo shoot, ( it is not a separate license fee per image) and is included in the  cost  per image.
  2. The perpetual licenses does not require to be renewed as it has no expiration date.
  3. All images covered by the license must be from the same photo shoot.

Are you looking for professional photography in the East Kilbride area at the best price ?

Then try Saunders Photography, your license to use the images is included in the cost and you only pay for the images that you want to purchase, not an hourly or day rate.

Saunders Photography. Commercial Photography Simply Priced

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