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Are you looking for a local commercial East Kilbride photographer to create photos for your company?

Industrial images of your manufactured products, food and interior design photography for restaurants, VIP visits to your site captured in an unobtrusive manner, all at an affordable cost, then click the BLUE  "FREE ESTIMATE" button below.

Are you just looking for an idea of what it would cost ? Then click on COST unlike some other commercial photographers I won't charge you to capture the images and then charge you a separate fee (that varies depending on use) to license the images. With Saunders Photography the price is for capture and license combined.

Is this your first time using Saunders Photography ?

Below "Normal License" is what you could expect to be charge for in addition to the day rate for the photographer.

Lower down this page is the "Simple License" that I offer

Normal License

Licensing of images can be a real headache especially for the smaller company or sole trader. The final price usually combines the following:- hourly/day rate, travel rate, usage of images (print 1/4 page, 1/2 page, full-page), print duration, etc, and for website use there is just as many variations.

For the photographer there is similar obstacles:- keeping  track of what license applies to what client/image. Taking action when the image is incorrectly used, can incur time and a cost.

Still unsure about what is included in a Normal License, then I suggest that you open a new window on your device and search for "uk commercial photography rates" 

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